My new obsession is nothing to sneeze at

milk_was_a_bad_choice-777706Do you ever smell your milk to see if it’s still fresh?  Do you question whether you should keep your bread in the fridge or on the counter?  Left your pizza out from the night before and then wondered if you could still put it in the fridge? I know I have. I’m pretty good at picking out the blatantly stale stuff, but even when something smells okay, there’s still that little voice in the back of my head wondering if it’s going to cause a mini pandemic of projectile vomiting in my home.

Enter my new obsession, StillTasty answers all of your food storage questions.

Who knew that apples can stay fresh in the fridge for 3-4 weeks? Or that hard-boiled eggs with the shell can last 1-2 weeks?  StillTasty does and now so do you. The next time your little voice starts hinting that you’re about to feed your family a big batch of botulism stew, pop by Still You’ll find out for sure whether you were about to jump the gun or your nose was right on the nose. Either way, it can save you some money and you’ll definitely get some peace of mind. And that never gets old.


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