When did the dinner hour become happy hour?

Kids Menu

Have you ever noticed that the unhealthiest items available in a restaurant are usually on the kids’ menu? Are we supposed to believe that someone really sat down and thought about kids when they made this ridiculous list of fried, battered, processed and often unrecognizable “food”?

Chicken fingers (a.k.a. fried chicken), grilled cheese (a pound of cheese grilled in between buttered, processed white bread, ouch!), hot dogs (oh, let’s not even think about what’s in those). What is this, happy hour?

Since when is bar food considered an appropriate option for kids?

Unless your child is pledging Delta Tau next semester, forego the landmine known as the kids’ menu and order for them from the real menu. Better yet, next time your family eats out, tell the little ones they’re getting a treat and they can order from the adult menu themselves. Steer them toward the appetizer section – The food there is already kid’s sized and probably a lot more healthy. And if nothing else, split an entrée with your child and call it an appetizer. (The food, not your kid.)


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