You can’t spell flu without F-U

sick kid

It’s already scarf weather in NYC and swine flu hysteria has become a regular feature on the news (last night they issued a warning during the World Series highlights!). I know you think you’re prepared. You’ve bundled everyone up before they go out into the bitter cold. You’ve got a “guy” to hook you up with some primo H1N1 vaccine. And you’ve dusted off the old chicken soup recipe.

But there’s more. And it’s easy.

Here are the facts. One big risk factor for flu infection is lack of vitamin D. The good news is our bodies produce vitamin D when we’re exposed to sunlight (That’s one reason we don’t get sick as often in the summer). But you’re probably not laying out at the beach a whole lot in the next few months. So let me make a suggestion: Cod liver oil. It’s chock full of vitamin D.

Wait, what? You’re not into sucking down a tablespoon of this delicacy? Relax, there are options. Wild salmon, mackerel, eel, tuna (canned in oil) or sardines (canned in oil) all are loaded with flu fighting vitamin D. Make them a staple over the winter.

Because you can only bundle up so much.


One Response to “You can’t spell flu without F-U”

  1. test momma Says:

    hey! found you through DCandy. Fun stuff!!! Keep it up, esp the New York info. Lived there for 7 yrs and miss it.

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