TWYE it, you’ll like it

Dinner Plate, Knife, and Fork

There’s a new trend on Twitter that I love (Yes, I tweet. Follow me – @AmyNelms). It’s called Tweet What You Eat. The idea is that you tweet every single thing you eat or drink every day so you’ll eat less and lose weight. In other words, you impose accountability on yourself for your dietary choices. And accountability is proven to work. Just as you’re more likely to work out if you’re held accountable by your pushy trainer, you’re more likely to not eat donuts if you know you have to fess up to it.

I’d like to take it one step further. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big calorie counter. But, I think we can apply the principle of accountability to making sure we’re all eating and feeding our families wholesome, healthy foods. Chances are you’re more likely to skip the Big Mac if you know you have to tweet about it and let the whole world (or at least everyone following you) know that you were (ahem) less than true to your whole food commitment.

Check out TWYE at And don’t forget to follow me ( I’m fascinating.


One Response to “TWYE it, you’ll like it”

  1. Nancy Says:

    yes you are…

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