Stick it, stack it, roll it or dip it. Yes, I’m referring to food.

Tony the Tiger Circle Slash

Why do you think billions of dollars a year are spent marketing to kids? It works! Actually, as Tony the High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup-addled Tiger would say “It works GRRRReat!” Sometimes a little too great. But instead of cursing Kelloggs for so many blue-in-the-face tantrums in the cereal aisle, let’s take a page out of their marketing plan and put some healthy food in our kids’ tummies.

What works? Engaging packaging, food that’s fun and a surprise inside. Let’s start with packaging. My fave? Cool bento boxes at and Pair these with chopstick girl at or a superhero action figure spoon at and you’re on your way. Next up, food that’s fun to eat. Remember, kids like to stick it, stack it, roll it or dip it.

– Stick it Think fruit or veggie kabobs. Give kids the healthy ingredients, they stick them. Try I for kid-friendly (and adorable) skewers.

– Stack it You supply the materials, they supply the labor. Cookie cutters transform a plain sandwich into a work of art. I found cute ones at or

– Roll it Kids love rolling their own burritos, wraps, even sushi especially when you let them have fun combining unexpected ingredients.

– Dip it Veggies or fruit cut into small strips make “fries” perfect for dipping in hummus, tapenade, guacamole or yogurt.

Finally, the surprise. Fun stickers, erasers, even a note from Mom will brighten their day and keep them looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch. Enjoy!


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