Hunger is your friend

Desert Island

One of the most common questions I get is “My kids will only eat junk. How do I get them to eat healthy food?” Easy.

Let them go hungry.

Here’s a little secret. Kids eat junk because they can. Stop buying Doritos. Quit letting them snack on Pirate’s Booty. Deny the demand for dessert before dinner. If they won’t eat the healthy options you make available, fine. Maybe they’re not that hungry after all. I can’t imagine the guy stuck on the desert island living on tree bark would turn down the apple slices with peanut butter you offered him. That guy is hungry.

I’m not saying don’t ever feed your kids again, but if you want to make a change from feeding your kids processed food to real whole foods, the best time to do that is when they are ACTUALLY hungry.

I know it’s a primal instinct to feed your kids and a lot of us grew up thinking food is love, but giving in to Twinkie tantrums is doing them a huge disservice.  Give your kids some healthy options, let them get a little pang in their tummy and then they can decide between standing by their junk food principles and actually satisfying their hunger.

Remember, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. You control the pantry, so give your family plenty of healthy choices and I promise you they’ll come around.

And if not, you’ll send their dinner to the desert island guy.


One Response to “Hunger is your friend”

  1. Fitz Says:

    LOVE IT! Who knew you were such a great writer? A healthy writer at that too? nice!

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