Fish for compliments


Yes, you need to take fish oil. Its healing powers are amazing and it’s been linked to preventing cancer and heart attacks, lowering your bad cholesterol, staving off depression (prozac of the sea?), improving your memory, making you smarter, and generally helping you live forever. But, let’s be honest, my favorite benefit of taking fish oil for a women of a certain age is what it does for our looks.

Good health and a great memory are super, but if you want glowing skin and lustrous hair, start taking your fish oil now. It helps make your skin supple by preventing the formation of wrinkles and helping to maintain collagen and elastin levels, and the omega 3 fatty acids make your hair shiny and gorgeous by nourishing your sebatious glands to add moisture to your hair. (Who knew you had sebatious glands?)

I love cooking fish and prefer to get my omega 3s that way, but supplements do the job as well. But, here’s the thing – Not all fish oil supplements are pure and healthy for you. Make sure you’ve got the good stuff. Check out international fish oil standards or the environmental defense fund to make sure your fish oil is pure and devoid of mercury and other toxins.

Or you can just use the old toothpick test – pour a few tablespoons of fish oil into a shot glass and stick it in your freezer for at least 5 hours.  If you can still pass a toothpick easily through the oil then it should be ok. If the oil is frozen solid, then something’s fishy.


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