If Heidi Klum can do it…

I can’t believe Heidi Klum gave birth six weeks ago and then appeared in a Victoria Secret’s Runway show.  In lingerie.

I can tell you that six weeks after I gave birth to my daughter Zoe, I wasn’t showing so much as an ankle, let alone parading down a runway with wings.  Maybe the real secret is Klum’s trainer David Kirsch.

Even if I could afford her trainer, I can’t imagine finding the time to schlep uptown three days a week (and I imagine for the same price as a month of one-on-ones with him, I could actually buy Heidi Klum).

To my delight I discovered the NextFit exercise system.  It’s a little gizmo about the size of a cigarette lighter with ear buds, kind of like an iPod. You connect it to your computer, tell their site what your goals are, how you like to work out, what you like to do, etc. They recommend one of their super-experienced (and famous) trainers, and you download their workouts.  Disconnect your NextFit and you’re ready to go.

My favorite pilates guru, the one and only, Alycea Ungaro, is a NextFit trainer, along with Kathy Smith, Jeff Galloway, Kathy Kaehler and dozens more celebrity trainers (including undefeated UFC champion Baz Rutten. I only mention this because my husband stole my NextFit to train with Baz. I admire his workout ethic, but training with mixed martial artist and all around tough guy Baz Rutten, really? Joe flinches when his buddies high five him. )

Alycea Ungaro , owns Real Pilates NYC, which coincidentally is also where you can purchase your NextFit.  Realpilatesnyc.com.

See you on the runway.

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