Steam it, blend it, salt it, serve it.

Don’t you just love how your family is always begging for cauliflower? You keep insisting they have more pie but all they want is cauliflower.

Oh, wait. I mean the opposite.

Cauliflower is not the first thing that comes to my daughter’s or husband’s mind when I ask what they’re hungry for, but I have discovered a way to make it that has them eating second and third helpings.

Steam it, blend it, salt it, serve it. Seriously.

Chop up a medium head of cauliflower, steam it until it’s tender, add a little butter. Stick it in a blender add salt and pepper to taste and serve. Now, I’m not saying I’m tricking my family into eating a boatload of cauliflower, I’m just saying that if they assume they’re eating mashed potatoes, who am I to correct them? Try it yourself and see if your family can tell the difference.

And whatever you do, don’t tell my husband.


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