Monsanto was named company of the year in this month’s Forbes magazine. (Yes, I am such a mogul that I have to keep track of my huge fortune by reading the mag of my peeps.)

Actually, I bought it because Monsanto was on the cover. The article waxes poetic on how genetically modified crops are actually saving our planet and also highlights new, exciting products due out this spring – for example a new corn variety that includes eight genes for pest resistance and herbicide tolerance. Yummy.

And there’s more. We all know that omega 3’s are good for us, so why not figure out a way to insert it in to everything we eat? Enter a new biotech soybean with high levels of omega 3. Here we go.

Monsanto’s plan is to insert two genes that cause soy plants to produce another omega 3 fat, stearidonic acid. It is tasteless and stable. Once in the body, 20% is converted to EPA (an essential n−3 fatty acid). That could make it ideal to add to all sorts of foods. If you like your food coming from a laboratory. (Insert mad scientist MWA-HA-HAAAAA!!! here.)

Wouldn’t eat be easier to just eat a piece of fish? I mean, really.


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