A study released this week shows that the genetically modified corn made by Forbes company of the year, Monsanto Foods, isn’t so great for you. Turns out that their genetically modified corn causes, wait for it…organ failure. Holy shnikeys! The study was performed on rats, but I think we can all do the math here. Their corn is bad news. And here’s the even worse news. It’s everywhere. Ketchup, salad dressing, soda, cookies, you name it.

Now, I try to be careful about not eating genetically modified organisms, GMOs, but I would say it’s high time we all upgraded that to “super careful,” especially those of us who are cooking for the whole family. After all, children are four times more susceptible to toxins in conventional produce than adults. Who knows what the story is with GMOs.

But here’s the problem – unlike the EU, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, the U.S. does not have laws mandating a label for products that have been genetically modified.

So now what?

Here are some guidelines:

Buy organic. 100% organic.

Foods labeled organic can still be 5% non-organic and carry the label. Which means they might have GMOS in there. So look for 100% organic. If you can’t afford to buy everything organic, at least make sure all the animal products you buy are.  Non-organic animals are likely to be raised on GM corn diets which translates into yucky meat, eggs and milk you don’t want.

Watch out for at-risk ingredients

In the U.S., somewhere around three quarters to nine tenths of the corn, canola, cottonseed and soy crops are genetically modified. Horrifying. Check the ingredients on everything you buy. If it’s got any of these four ingredients without the word organic in front, drop it.

No processed foods

You can’t imagine how many of the processed foods out there are made with GMO corn. Well, according to Michael Pollan of In Defense of Food fame, there are about 12,000 items in the average America supermarket that contain corn. And with the vast majority of American corn being genetically modified, well, uh oh.

Look for Non-GMO labels

Um, duh.

Find out for sure

Check out the super helpful Non-GMO Shopping Guide at ( for comprehensive lists of common name-brand foods that do not contain GMOS (including baby food and dog food). Also, if you have an iPhone, download the Fruit Decoder app (on iTunes or to find out on the go how your fruit was grown – conventionally, organic or genetically modified.

Genetically modified food in your pantry. It’s enough to give you shivers. Or maybe that’s just organ failure.


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