The Soy of Cooking

Like so many of my vegan friends already know, there are lots of ways to enjoy soy. Throw some tofu into your stir-fry. Mix it into a smoothie. Nosh on some edamame. Substitute tempeh strips for bacon and don’t tell your husband (alright, that’s just me).

But, there’s more. Like everything else that you feed your family, there are a few things to know about soy.

Most of the soy available to the American shopper is genetically modified. Dun dun dun!

So here’s a few quick tips to remember when you’re soy shopping. Buy organic. Organic products won’t have all those pesticides and they don’t contain GMO’s (genetically modified soybeans). Stick with the whole soy foods.  Like any other food, processing sucks the valuable nutrients out of soy. If you want to by mock-meats, look for products whose main ingredients include organic tofu or tempeh.

Also, try to avoid carrageenan (derived from a red seaweed), especially if you have IBS or other intestinal problems, it is a cheap thickening agent used in soy milk, desserts and other products known to aggravate the digestive tract.

Soy is a yummy, versatile and healthy food, but the things they’ll do to it if you’re not careful…Soy vey.

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One Response to “The Soy of Cooking”

  1. Darin Kiel Says:

    brilliant post .. if you ever write a health book i am the first buyer

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