Octopus anyone?

Have you ever read something that just reinforces how smart you really are?  Let’s put it this way, Nancy Tringali Piho and I agree on a lot of things, such as don’t be a short-order cook, there should be no such thing as a kid’s menu, make your own baby food from the family dinner, try to stay away from processed foods especially with Dora’s mug on the front- you get the picture.

Her book, My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus-Raising Children Who Love to Eat EVERYTHING, is a great, no-nonsense guide for all parents who want to introduce their kids to nutritious, delicious foods and ultimately create life-long healthy eaters.

The book covers everything from what to eat when you are pregnant to the important of nursing your kids so they get a variety of tastes and flavors from their very beginning moments of life to how to expand your toddler’s palate and prevent picky eaters. She even includes the dos and don’ts of restaurant dining.

It’s exactly the book I would have written. So, thanks Nancy, for saving me the trouble.

You can get it here…



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