Have you ever…?

Really? Processed chocolate, sugar-loaded cereal is going to support my child’s immunity? If you believe that, I want to talk to you about a great investment opportunity.

The expression Don’t believe everything you read has never been more true than today, especially in your typical grocery store.

Here is a list of meaningless terms that can be found on labels and packages:

Doctor-recommended, Free-range, Green, Immunity formula, Kid-approved, Made with whole grains, May lower cholesterol, Natural (for non-meat or non-poultry products), Natural goodness, No trans fat, Non-toxic, Parent-tested, Strengthens your immune system, Lightly sweetened, A good source of fiber, Made with real fruit.

Remember, labels lie. Stick with fresh, local, organic food that you cook yourself. And don’t bother with all the fancy labels. Unless you feel like reading fiction.


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