MMMunching at Moomah

Grab your picky eaters and get ready to enjoy eating out again. My new favorite kid-friendly-but-still-fun-for-adults restaurant, Moomah in Tribeca, has cracked the code for getting finicky eaters munching merrily. They call it their “Super Tryer” menu – Munching mmmunchkins who taste any six healthy and/or seasonal items get a Super Tryer card. Kids who collect three cards get their own Super Tryer t shirt. How cute is that?

Moomah’s menu is as impressive as it is nutritious and delicious. From the “It’s Not Easy Being Green” smoothie to the Yummus (homemade hummus served with carrot and cucumber slices and blue corn tortilla chips) to Greek yogurt and chicken breast, it is enough to make this Nutritional Nanny jump for joy.

I love Moomah.

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One Response to “MMMunching at Moomah”

  1. tada! shop Says:

    My girls had “the best grilled cheese ever” at Moomah!

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