Time to get down and dirty

As we know in today’s world there is a huge disconnect between ourselves and our food sources. Most of what Americans consume today consists of packaged products which are convenient, but full of chemicals, additives and preservatives. Basically junk that looks a lot like food. We pick it up at the grocery store and feed it to our families without ever considering or (heavens forbid) visiting where it came from.

Richard Louv, author of Lost Child In the Woods, believes this has led to a nationwide epidemic of what he calls Nature Deficit Disorder – Never before have kids been so out of touch with nature.  His book includes research indicating that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development; physical, emotional and spiritual.

So let’s try it.

Oh, but how would I do that? I don’t live on a farm. I don’t like dirt. I’m allergic to camping.

Relax. I’m going to make this easy for you. Gardening.

Gardening is an amazing way to develop physical, emotional and spiritual growth in kids by connecting them to nature while teaching them about where their food comes from. And if they grow their own vegetables they’ll want to sample their crop. So hurray.

Check out InTheKoop.com to pick up one of their easy to use garden-in-a-box kits. Choose from The Giggling Garden (a selection of heirloom vegetables with great names like Red Dragon Carrot, Dinosaur Kale and even Rattlesnake Pole Beans), Here Comes The Sunflowers or Back to the Garden which is almost a dozen heirloom varieties of veggies including some of the best tasting standards such as the Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean and the cold hardy Giant Winter Spinach. Don’t worry there are simple step-by-step instructions so those of you with a black thumb still have a fighting chance.

In the Koop kits are great for the budding gardener in all of us.  Just think by purchasing these heirloom garden kits you are not only preserving the past and enriching the future but you are giving your kids the opportunity to experience nature and eat it too!


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