If Michelle Obama can do it…

I’m not sure why we never though of this before, it seems so obvious now. Since we’re all so dedicated to making fresh, local, organic whole foods available to everyone, let’s take a page out of Michelle Obama’s playbook and plant our own garden. Not in our back yard. Not on our stoop. But here in New York City, right in front of City Hall, where it’s visible, impactful and symbolic.  Let’s lead the charge, plant our flag (cue epic music) and stake our claim as the visionary trendsetters who-

What’s that? Someone already started a petition to plant a garden in front of City Hall? Oh, well (Ahem)…

Join me in signing the petition to have a vegetable garden planted in front of City Hall. This garden will represent New Yorkers’ commitment to education, public service, healthy eating and environmental stewardship.  This garden will be tended by NYC public school students, in collaboration with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and our region’s talented gardeners and farmers.  The harvest will be donated to a nearby food pantry to feed the hungry.

You can sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/bQvx5Q

And let’s just keep the first part of this blog between you and me.


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