The End of the Line

I don’t think I will ever be able to eat sushi with a clear conscience again after watching the powerful documentary, The End of the Line.  Think of this movie as An Inconvenient Truth for fish.  The premise of the film is that if we continue fishing as we are now, we will see the end of most seafood by 2048. 2048! Holy, um, mackerel.

The End of the Line examines the imminent extinction of bluefin tuna and how that will affect eeeeeeeverything else in the world. Filmed over two years, the film follows investigative reporter Charles Clover as he digs deep, confronting politicians and celebrity restaurateurs who contribute to the problem.

So what can you do besides watch the film and tell your friends to do the same?

Well, to be sure you aren’t mmmunching on fish that are endangered or over-exploited you can go to  Also, the Marine Stewardship Council runs a certification program to recognize and reward sustainable fishing ( Another great site is which helps parents introduce fish to their children, listing the ones with the least amount of mercury.

It’s a lot to think about, but if we don’t, it’s…(wait for it)…The End of the Line.

Learn more and find out where you can see the film here…


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