Drink Your Bubbly

Enough with the soda. I don’t let my daughter drink any and I strongly recommend that you don’t let your kids either.  It’s maybe one of the worst returns on investment out there.

Oh, but what about the whining? What about the begging? What about when the only thing that’s going to get my kids to sit quietly for ten seconds is a soda bribe?

I can help.

Start winning them over with flavored bubble water. Not soda. Flavored bubble water. It’s time you met Soda Stream, the do-it-yourself, at home doo-hickey that turns fresh water into carbonated water in less than thirty seconds.

Even better, how about making it yourself at home?

Let your fingers do the walking over to  the green depot (bit.ly/bmNwkO) and get your very own Soda Stream today. I really love this product and recommend it for turning plain old tap water into effervescent bubbly. There’s no high fructose corn syrup and you control how much sugar goes in. You can order Soda Stream flavors to mix, but they’re full of extra sugar and preservatives and other stuff that’s in regular soda. Instead, I’m going to recommend going with their MyWater flavor essences (Lemon-Lime, Orange, Berry) to make lightly flavored bubbly water or better yet, use fresh fruit to add a hint of wholesome flavor and a lot of fun for your kids.

Here’s the good news – It couldn’t be easier, The Soda Stream use water straight from the tap, that means less plastic manufactured and fewer trucks going from manufacturers to distributors to stores to homes and less recycling hassles for you.

Pick up a Soda Stream and pour yourself a glass of bubbly. You deserve it.

You can get it here… http://bit.ly/bmNwkO


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One Response to “Drink Your Bubbly”

  1. meredith alexander Says:

    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! what a fabulous place to start to “convert” to feeding my kids a more healthy diet. it feels so scary to start over and where do i begin? with this blog, i feel like i am not alone. thank you amy.

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