So exciting you’ll fall right asleep

Sleep is important. But sometimes the sandman skips your bed and you just can’t fall asleep. It might not be your fault, but missing your z’s means trouble the next morning. You’re more likely to make mistakes, argue with a loved one or generally be a pain in the tuchus. And the rest of the day will seem longer than one of my husband’s beer league softball stories.

So let’s plan ahead. If you or your little ones are having trouble sleeping, remember this. What you eat affects how you sleep. So try a little nosh before bed. Many experts believe that if you pair tryptophan-containing foods with carbohydrates, it calms the brain and helps you sleep better. For a bonus snooze-booster, a little extra calcium goes a long way.


Glass of warm milk and half a turkey or peanut butter sandwich

Whole-grain, low-sugar cereal or granola with milk or yogurt

A banana and a cup of hot chamomile tea

Hmm, If only there were something that combined all those elements into one delicious bedtime-appropriate, drinkable deliciousness.

Oh wait, there is.

I would like to now present to the world my Sleeping Beauty smoothie that is sure to be a major yawnfest. But, in a good way.

Sleeping Beauty Smoothie

2/3 cup of Milk

1 tbsp Peanut butter

1/3 cup Oatmeal

½ banana

Blend it up.

Drink it down.



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