Help speed up the slow food movement

Slow Food USA (a grassroots movement dedicated to promoting, protecting and promulgating real, whole, sustainable and local, food for everyone) has a campaign called Time for Lunch in which concerned parents tell Congress that it is time to provide our kids with REAL WHOLE FOODS at lunch.

You should join.

The Childhood Nutrition Act is a federal law that comes up for reauthorization in Congress every five years.  It governs the school meal programs which feed more than 31 million children every school day.

Right now school lunch programs only have $2.68 per meal and about $1 of which goes towards buying ingredients. As a result schools have to rely on cheap processed foods which do not give our kids the nourishment they need to do well in school and to be healthy.

Congress is expected to address school lunch around Easter time, so there is still time to show Congress that kids and parents are hungry for change. See what I did there? We’re talking about food and I used the word hunger to mean… (ahem).

The good folks at Slow Foods USA have provided a comprehensive set of tools for parents like you and I to get involved very easily – a forward ready email, a downloadable handout, ideas for local outreach, talking points and a solar powered time machine. No, wait. Everything but the time machine.

Sign up here…


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