Tonight, I walk the walk.

Join me tonight at Pure Food and Wine – the best raw vegan restaurant in NYC – for the first of many Farm to Table Dinners this week. The event, in collaboration with the movie Fresh, is to celebrate the farmers and chefs that make fresh food a reality in your city. If you have never eaten at Pure, you should. It’s an unforgettable experience.

And if that weren’t enough incentive, I’m bringing my husband, Joe (not really a vegan, more of a vague-an).  Look for the handsome gentleman seated next to me NOT wearing his dress-up-go-to-dinner Hawaiian shirt. He doesn’t get out much.

This Farm to Table dinner is one of many events brought to you by Fresh. For the next two weeks there are how-to workshops, lectures, farm to table dinners and tastings all around the city thanks to Fresh. And yes, most of the Fresh week events also include a redeemable voucher for a Fresh movie ticket.

Here’s the schedule for the Fresh events culminating in screenings of the movie.  (You can also purchase tickets here too.)

In case you hadn’t guessed by now, I’ve seen Fresh and I’m a huge fan. It’s an important movie and you’ll love it.

Fresh premieres April 9 at the Quad cinemas 34 on West 13th Street in NYC. Go see it.

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