Local food without getting off your couch

By now we all know the benefits of eating locally. Just in case, here’s a few gems you can rattle off at your next Smug Eaters Meeting. Local food tastes better because it has longer to ripen on the vine.  Local food is more nutritious since it’s usually picked the same day so it retains most of its nutrients.  Local food does not travel far so it is better for the environment.  Local food is safer because you know who grew your food and where your food came from.  Local food helps the economy and your local farmers.

But you knew all that, right? Well, here’s something you didn’t know. Besides going to your local farmer’s market or joining a CSA to get local fruits and veggies, you could sign up for basis food delivery and have someone do all the work for you.

Basis’s mission is to sell good, whole foods that are local and traceable.  Your mission is to eat good, whole, foods that are local and traceable without having to do any of the heavy lifting. So this is a perfect match.

Go sign up at www.basisfoods.com and feel confident knowing your food is nutritious, traceable, delicious, and delivered to your door. Like it should be.

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