Dabbawallas are de best

Summer is right around the corner.  My daughter is going away for 3 ½ weeks.  Party on down.  But not everyone is that lucky.

For those of you who will have your mmmunchkins at home attending day camps or running their surprisingly profitable lemonade stands, why not pack their lunch in style and feel good about yourself by purchasing Dabbawallas lunch boxes.  (Betcha can’t say that fast three times.)

These fun, clever boxes were inspired by the creators’ travels in India, where she became fascinated with the lunch box delivery men known as “dabbawallas.” Seriously.

All Dabbawalla bags are made by artisans who earn fair wages in safe working conditions.  Not only does Dabbawalla help support non-profit organizations and fundraise for kids in need, their designs are just too cute for words.  And isn’t that part of saving the world too? Well, it should be.

Dabbawallas are machine washable, insulated, free of lead and PVC, and have an easy to grip handle.  You can choose from a bunch of styles: Cute as a Bug, Free Range, Holy Cow, Out of This World, British Invasion, Slice of Summer, Sweetcakes, Apple of My Eye and my fave, Monkey See Monkey Do.

Go to http://www.dabbawallabags.com/about.html to see styles.


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