Pregnant? Rub it in.

You know those pregnant women who are just gorgeous?  The ones with glowing skin, shiny lustrous hair and endless energy? Yeah, that wasn’t me. Picture frizzy hair, varicose veins, constipation, bloating, fatigue, you get the picture.  For every sparkly pregnant princess there are those of us who just aren’t blessed with that tell-tale pregnancy glow.

But we could be.

Treat yourself to Maternal Massage and More, a haven for NYC mommies. The brainchild of Janet Markovits, not only does Maternal Massage and More take care of you when you are pregnant, they also offer postpartum massages and baby massage. Getting massages when you are pregnant can reduce your stress, increase your flexibility, ease your constipation and slow the process of varicose veins. Getting them afterwards, well, just feels awesome.

And those of you who aren’t pregnant and don’t plan to be, relax. You’re covered. Maternal Massage and More has a Maya Abdominal Massage to relieve common female symptoms such as frequent urination, infertility, painful or irregular menses or a Sports Massage to help prevent injuries and relieve cramps. They even offer Lymphatic Drainage, a system that drains fluids, reduces puffiness and stimulates your immune system.

My favorite thing at Maternal Massage and More is their Massage During Labor.  Yep, during. Janet will teach your husband or partner specific massage techniques to alleviate your discomfort during labor.

If nothing else, it gives your husband something to do besides check baseball scores on his blackberry and ask your gyno why they call it a “crown” anyway.


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