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I’m Digging Two Moms In The Raw

May 28, 2010

Here’s my latest discovery – Two Moms In The Raw. Nope, it’s not a video you can get fired for looking at on your work computer. It’s the name of an amazing brand of gluten-free, organic, 100% raw crackers and granola bars made from millet, buckwheat, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds. And they’re delish.

What started out as a quest for wellness resulted in a product line dedicated to creating these convenient, nutritious, raw products for the whole family.  Thanks to Two Moms In The Raw, you and your kids can enjoy dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, organic and raw treats that are not only super good for you, they are addicting!

Try their granola bars in goji berry, raisin, cranberry or blueberry or have their sea crackers made with flaxseed and kombu in garden herb, pesto or tomato basil. You won’t regret it.

But the real story here is how I discovered just how delicious these products are. I tried them right in the aisle at Whole Foods.

As I contemplated purchasing these products, I must admit I hesitated slightly because they are a little pricey.  So I did what I normally do and ask around if anyone has ever tried them before I spend my hard earned cash on them.  No one had so the Whole Foods guys told me I could just open the bag and try them.  Imagine that!  Of course I shared them and everyone loved them.

Next up, I try the same tactic at the Hermés store.


Outstanding cookies

April 6, 2010

Standing out in a crowd is wonderful when you’re an adult. You’re the best at your job. You won the big race. You finished your Gossip Girl fan fiction novel. Congratulations, you’re one in a million. But as a child? Standing out isn’t always so awesome. Sometimes, it just makes you feel like an outsider.

Feeling like an outsider was the impetus for the beautiful Jill Brack to create  Glow gluten–free cookies. Both Jill and her thirteen year old daughter have celiac disease, which means most cookies are off limits and the ones that aren’t taste a bit like cardboard. So Jill decided to come up with something that her daughter would enjoy and her friends would want to eat too. The result is Glow cookies and they are delicious. Oh, and they’re gluten free, trans fat free, preservative free and casein free. As I write this, I’m stuffing my face with Glow chocolate chip cookies.  They also come in Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate and Gingersnap.

Celiac or not, these cookies are just what the doctor ordered.

Get yours at

App-solutely fabulous

January 19, 2010

iPhone owners rejoice!  You may drop every other call, but at least you can feel smug about all the cool apps out there now.

Need to stay away from gluten?  Find virtually any product out there NOT made with gluten using Is That Gluten Free?

Dying to know how many calories in your favorite bratwurst?  Nutrition Menu app is for you. You can even create your very own food journal complete with a personalized daily nutrient intake.

Don’t want to buy those peaches from Chile?  Find out exactly where your produce comes from by using the Fruit Decoder app.  All you have to do is enter the plu code from the sticker on your piece of fruit and find its origination.

And finally, for all you locavores out there In Season tells you exactly what fresh produce (including seafoood ) is available in your area for each month and also what imports are available too.

Feeding your family healthy food has never been easier. In fact, they may just have to change the old saying to “An app a day keeps the doctor away.”